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Mercedes-AMG A45 4Matic September-October 2015 Review

A facelifted version of the two-year Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG 4Matic.The fast five-door hatchback accept some changes to light the exterior styling for aerodynamic efficiency improved, lightweight interior again with high-quality materials, a more powerful engine, the chassis was revised to show attenuation of adaptive and, in line with the naming strategy most German car maker, name lightly modified: Mercedes -AMG A45 4Matic.

Change the style of the most affordable AMG model with suspected smooth. There is a reshaped front bumper with larger cooling channels, mild spoiler molded back on top of the truck and a reprofiled rear bumper with chrome trapezoidal-shaped tailpipes integrated well. Buyers can also choose the optional AMG aerodynamic package, which adds a small wing and the splitter element is more prominent to prominent front bumper and wing and revised diffuser at the rear.Inside, there is a newly designed tubular shaped instrument binnacle, revised steering wheel, front seats offer a large cushion adjustment and new trim and color combinations. There is also a free-standing monitor 8.0in optional, which is compatible with Apple Carplay, Android Auto and MirrorLink, which allows integration with a wide range of smartphones.Under the bonnet, fettled A45 gets a mild version of the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that is, showing minor changes to the induction, combustion and exhaust process. Electricity rises with 21bhp and torque by £ 18 ft, increasing reserves of unit mounted transversely to a heady 376bhp at 6000rpm and £ 350 ft at 2250rpm.The flagship of the facelifted A-class line-up also gets a revised seven-speed automatic gearbox dual-clutch with shorter third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh gear ratio, together with revised software aims to shorten the time shift.As before, drive is delivered via multi-plate clutch four-wheel drive system is electro-hydraulically operated, which when combined with the optional Dynamic Plus package, including a mechanical differential lock in place electronic differential locking mechanism that keeps coming as standard.Together with minor changes brought to its driveline, 2016 Model A45 also comes with an optional adaptive damping system in an effort to improve the quality of the models out for a ride. The new arrangement is part of what is called Dynamic Select system that also allows the driver to alter the response of the steering, gearbox and steering.How does it feel?:Mercedes A45 AMG 4Matic never wanted for sheer speed or dynamic abilities, but this upgraded model clearly raises the bar in both departments, making it even more attractive and accomplished car to drive, whether on public roads or race tracks.Engine remains the undisputed highlight, now felt more muscular and determined than ever before on the throttle pegged in low gear. Fine quality at the lower end of the dial and feel more firmly through mid-range also provide new A45 with beautiful shades of effort when transporting the ratio is higher at a constant cruising speed.376bhp peak power supply ratio power-to-weight 242bhp per tonne - 15bhp per tonne over most rivals sharply, the latest Audi RS3.Mercedes-AMG claiming sprint to 62mph now takes only 4.2sec, 0.1sec which is a bit in the time quoted by Audi RS3 to it. To put this in perspective, the new facelifted Porsche 911 Carrera hits the same mark in a claimed 4.6sec.Significantly, a boost in performance does not come at the detriment of the economy, which is still very impressive. 42.2mpg official combined figure is the same as that quoted for the original A45, endowing the average CO2 emissions of 161g / km.Accompanying the increase in raw speed delivered by driveline upgrades are noticeable improvements in stability straight line. With a smooth aerodynamic upgrades, including optional rear wing which comes as part of the AMG aerodynamic package to provide a reduction in lift, new tracks to increase calmness A45 all the way to its top speed of 155mph. The back of a very good now tied at higher speeds.As accomplished as it is in a straight line with the throttle against the stop on an autobahn lightly traded, it is the way of the A45 giving more than one way back to challenge that really raised eyebrows. Some cars at any price so quickly yet accommodate from point to point on the road. Sheer effectiveness, no matter what the weather conditions, place it in front of many supercars big names to direct dynamic prowess.Colossal grip level. It takes a great cornering speed stunning to shift purchases from 225/40 18 front tire, either dry or wet. Assertiveness attached to a damper on anything but a Comfort mode is also endows A45 with rock-solid body control on a smooth road. There are some roll, but never impede progress.We must wait to see how it responds to the British B-roads are typical, but the basics are clear again provide quality impact of the increase, making it less susceptible to being thrown off line by mid corner bumps when you are actually charging. There is also a lower level of tire rumble, making this a more perfect A45 facelifted more distant proposition.A rotary dial on the center console offering a choice between Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus and Race mode, providing it with different characteristics in every setting. As well as change the quality of the damping, the system Dynamic Select to change the characteristics of the throttle, gearbox, steering and damping.The inclusion of adaptive damping serves to expand the dynamic envelope, allowing you to dial up much more cosseting ride than before. A greater level of compliance has been introduced to the chassis before ceaselessly, making the proposition more acceptable A45 in the city than ever before.If there is a criticism to be level, it is obvious nuances delivered by an electro-mechanical steering. There are shades of the original during the initial turn-in and good overall weight assessed. However, there is a lack of feedback as a key off-center increases.Should I buy one?:The appeal of the A45 beyond the scintillating speed and outstanding dynamic ability. Like the other new models to come out skunkworks AMG on the outskirts of Stuttgart, is also really impressive piece of engineering and high in perceived quality.Yes, £ 39,995 a lot of money - £ 1,800 more than the old model, no less. But when it's this good, it almost seems like a bargain. In the coming years, we will look back on this as a new Mercedes car that redefined the ranks of the performance hatchback, brought with it a supercar-like quality for a fraction of the price of the bid is well known that a slower, less attractive and low quality standards.Mercedes A45 AMGLocation Dresden, Germany; On sale now; Price £ 39,995; 4 cyls engine, 1991cc, turbocharged, gasoline; Power 376bhp at 6000rpm; Ft of torque at 2250rpm £ 350; Gearbox 7-spd automatic dual-clutch; Kerb weight 1555kg; 0-62mph 4.2sec; Top speed 155mph (limited); Economic 42.2mpg (combined); CO2 / Tax Band 161g / km, 27%

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